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These leadership development resources are designed to enhance the teaching and professional development of individuals, teams and organizations. The collection is regularly refreshed with new content and supporting research. The first segment of each video is available for preview. To view samples of video cases in their entirety, go to Featured Videos on the Leadership in Focus Home Page Read on to learn more about how you call gain full access to the collection.

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The full collection of Leadership in Focus video cases with accompanying facilitation materials and supporting documents are available in the following membership categories.


Organizations who join the Leadership in Focus Corporate Forum receive full access to the video collection, discussion modules, and assistance with customization. Corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies pay an annual rate that depends upon their size.

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Academic - FREE

Academic educators may download and use the video case vignettes, capstone perspective videos, and accompanying teaching notes with academic audiences at accredited institutions at no charge. Physical copies of DVDs, printed materials and discussion modules are available for purchase at nominal rates.

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Stanford GSB Alumni

GSB alumni have free access to the Leadership in Focus video case vignettes, capstone perspectives and teaching modules in the Leadership in Focus collection for personal use. If you have attended a Stanford GSB program, but do not have alumni status, you are eligible for discounted licensing options. Contact Stanford for details.

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Video Cases and Capstone Perspective Videos

After previewing the content of a video case or capstone perspective, you may purchase the video along with the accompanying notes by adding it to your shopping cart.

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Discussion modules include select video cases and facilitation materials highlighting key leader-ship themes. These products can be purchased as DVDs in a printed booklet or as high- resolution downloads via the web. Module workshops led by Stanford-trained facilitators are also available on a limited basis.

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