• Will Swenson, Medal of Honor Recipient and Military Officer, U.S. Army
    Medal of Honor recipient shares the importance of being immersed with his team to motivate others while balancing emotions tied to fear, an…
  • Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO, Acumen Fund
    Non-profit manager describes a situation where careful listening was simply not enough.
  • Roger Deromedi, CEO, Kraft
    CEO shares the importance of being transparent and consistent when dealing with people at all levels of the organization.
  • Nancy Barry, President, Women's World Banking
    Unity in an organization is important and should be prioritized since it will impact the strategy.
  • Deborah Nelson, SVP Marketing, Hewlett Packard
    Listening is a skill which will determine a team's ability to function at a high level.
  • Marene Allison, Officer, U.S. Army
    When faced with an emergency, it is critical for the leader to know their people to make the appropriate decisions without time to think.
  • Rebecca Halstead, General, U.S. Army
    Army General outlines what she thinks is important in a good leader.
  • Gayle Colvin, Colonel, U.S. Air Force
    Colonel shares how she is able to motivate people to work hard and do jobs that are risky and dangerous.
  • Sudha Murty, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation
    Chairperson of Infosys Foundation discusses her values and priorities for a meaningful life and career.
  • Rebecca Halstead, General, U.S. Army
    Army General shares her thoughts on leadership style and how that evolves through experience and environment.