• Florent "Flo" Groberg, Medal of Honor Recipient and Business Leader, U.S. Army and Fortune 500 Companies
    As a new officer in the Army Groberg given command of his first combat unit of 24 direct reports, yet doubts himself and must learn how to …
  • Juan-Carlos Ruck, VP, Sales, Pepsico
    A young manager must devise a comeback after a disastrous first five months on the job.
  • Paul Bud Bucha, Medal of Honor Recipient, U.S. Army
    Army Captain must confront overwhelming odds and overcome fear, fatigue, and ambiguity.
  • Jeffrey Bewkes, CEO, Time Warner
    Executive with a strictly business background grapples with how to lead creative members of his team.
  • Jack Jacobs, Medal of Honor Recipient and Business Leader, U.S. Army, Financial Companies, and Philanthropic Organizations
    Leading a small squad in a war zone, Jacobs encounters a surprise attack and must decide how to proceed without guidance, despite having li…
  • Tom Friel, Former Chairman and CEO, Heidrick & Struggles
    CEO inherits a CFO with fundamentally different values.
  • Sara Jobin, Conductor, San Francisco Opera
    Conductor faces psychological hurdles when orchestra members resist her command.
  • John Abbott, CEO, Yoga Journal
    New CEO must address conflict with existing managers.
  • Brian Lillie, VP, VeriSign
    VP inherits an unqualified team for a strategically important project.
  • Naila Mehrabova, General Director, CrossCaspian Oil and Logistics
    Young female executive must gain the trust of the Board.
  • Elie Antoun, CEO,
    CEO is challenged by company founders who question his authority.
  • Dena Braeger, Captain, U.S. Army
    Army Captain in Iraq deals with a subordinate who challenges her authority based on her gender.
  • Dave Kaval, CEO, Golden Baseball League
    Business owner must quickly persuade his unhappy team to put aside their grievance.
  • Bill Campbell, Chairman, Intuit
    CEO contends with a manager whose loyalty wavers.
  • Beth Silsdorf, Commander, U.S. Navy
    Naval Officer makes an unpopular decision and must persuade her team to fall in behind her.
  • Deanna Won, Officer, Air Force
    Officer must determine how to respond when she is no longer invited to empowered to do her job.
  • Michael Creasey, Superintendent, National Park Service
    Vice Superintendent turns around a team and organization to seek national support.
  • Frank Dean, Superintendent, National Park Service
    Superintendent must address fiscal issues that have a ripple effect on his organization.
  • Marty Evans, Admiral and CEO, U.S Navy, Girl Scouts, and Red Cross
    Military Officer must decide whether or not to follow her Commander's orders when she disagrees with his decision.
  • Brian NeSmith, CEO, Blue Coat
    CEO must determine how to proceed when he disagrees with the advise of his Board.
  • Peter Loescher, CEO, Siemens
    CEO is recruited after previous leaders left with scandalous charges and must inspire company to recover it's strong reputation while leadi…
  • Bob Barbee, Superintendent, National Park Service
    National Park Service Superintendent must determine whether or not to support a fire team leader who determines it is necessary to jeopardi…
  • Michael Costas, Principal Vice President, Bechtel Corporation
    Program Director must regain the trust of a client and motivate his team to perform after a serious technical issue and program schedule sl…
  • Prince Kofi Amoabeng, Founder and CEO, UT
    African CEO must determine how to balance family loyalties with business.