• Kent Thiry, CEO, DaVita
    CEO confronts a brilliant new manager who is not fitting in.
  • Brian NeSmith, CEO, Blue Coat
    CEO squares off with an employee who has critical skills but cannot work with others.
  • Florent "Flo" Groberg, Medal of Honor Recipient and Business Leader, U.S. Army and Fortune 500 Companies
    As a new leader in a corporate job, Groberg must manage up and assuage frustrations with his manager by establishing communications and bui…
  • Debra Reisenthel, CEO, Novasys
    CEO debates whether to share news that may soon cripple the company fearing her team's motivation will fade in the interim.
  • Juan-Carlos Ruck, VP, Sales, Pepsico
    Manager must reassure his staff after taking an abrupt and unexplained four-week leave.
  • Naila Mehrabova, General Director, CrossCaspian Oil and Logistics
    New manager must convince team member to take on a new role which better fits her skill set.
  • Gene Kohn, CEO, KPF
    CEO receives report that a leading partner in the firm is verbally abusing team members.
  • Jeff Clarke, CEO, KQED
    CEO responds to an unexpected budget shortfall with an unusual decision-making approach.
  • Maria Eitel, President, Nike Foundation
    White House Media Affairs Director must address the arrogance of an intern in responding to the public.
  • Dave Kaval, CEO, Golden Baseball League
    Small business owner has to find a way to win over his disgruntled star.
  • Brian Lillie, VP, VeriSign
    Facing tight deadlines and a difficult project, a manager must challenge an overbearing boss who is hampering progress.
  • Andrea So, Captain, U.S. Army
    Army Captain takes over for a leader who has not been effective and overlooks potential wisdom gained from experience.
  • Marene Allison, Officer, U.S. Army
    Female Army officer must address people who call her names while she is leading her unit on a run.
  • Nicole Blatt, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Air Force
    An Air Force officer must convince her stubborn superiors to launch a high-tech system aimed at saving lives.
  • Carol Daniels, CEO, ATP
    A publishing company CEO wrestles with how to treat a senior executive responsible for an avoidable business disaster.
  • Frank Dean, Superintendent, National Park Service
    Superintendent must voice discord with local officials about participation in high profile event.
  • Nicole Malachowski, Officer, United States Air Force
    Female pilot is confronted by man who does not want to see her or any women flying fighter aircraft.
  • Rosalind Kainyah, Company President, DeBeers Inc.
    Vice President must manage team member who was denied her executive level job.
  • Gerard Baker, Superintendent, National Park Service
    Superintendent is confronted because he is an American Indian leading at Little Bighorn.
  • John Reynolds, Regional Director of Northwest Region, National Park Service
    Regional Director must negotiate with Native American Tribe to resolve age long conflict.
  • Paul Bud Bucha, Medal of Honor Recipient, U.S. Army
    Army Captain must handle a direct report who he had informally promoted, but was later confronted.
  • Donn Grimm, Principal Vice President, Bechtel Corporation
    Vice President must overcome team friction by forcing teams to address their challenges with one another and raise their performance.
  • Anne Marie Burgoyne, Managing Director, Social Innovation, Emerson Collective
    Board Member of Non-Profit must determine how to advise and handle a leader who may be undermining organization's efficiency and success.
  • Andrew Brandt, Business Manager, Green Bay Packers - NFL
    Team Manager must decide how to handle a talented player with a bad attitude without jeopardizing the team culture of the Green Bay Packers.
  • Marla Wright, Program Manager, Bechtel Corporation
    Manager struggles with a counterpart whose behaviors are jeopardizing the project success.