Fitting In and Standing Out
  • Robin Richards Donohoe, Co-Chair, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
    A Venture Capitalist deals with an industry leader who belittles her in front of colleagues.
  • Theresia Gouw, CoFounder and Managing Partner, Aspect Venture
    A VC Partner sees new opportunities but struggles to make more change when her personal life is completely in flux.
  • Martine Liautaud, Investor and Entrepreneur, Indosuez and Liautaud & Cie
    An Investor must build a business and launch her career within the firm without the typical support.
  • Michelle Clayman, Founder and Managing Partner, New Amsterdam Partners
    A pioneer investor in Wall Street deals with a colleague who challenges her place and fit based on her gender.
  • Nicole Chang, Senior VP, Consulting Company
    An Executive struggles with how to build relationships and close deals with partners in Asia who are used to bonding after hours by drinkin…
  • Connie Matsui, EVP, Innovation, Biogen Idec
    Young manager must respond to a superior who voices negative stereotypes.
  • Maria Eitel, President, Nike Foundation
    Executive confronts a colleague about his unspoken stereotypes in hiring.
  • Sudha Murty, Chairperson, Infosys Foundation
    Leader of philanthropic foundation was the first female to attend an all-male engineering university in India four decades ago.