• Nicole Malachowski, Officer, United States Air Force
    Air Force Officer must determine whether or not to include a pilot who has a great attitude but lacks the necessary expertise for critical …
  • Stephen Miles, Vice Chairman, Heidrick & Struggles
    A leadership advisor scrambles when the CEO of a client firm upends a succession plan.
  • Tom Friel, Former Chairman and CEO, Heidrick & Struggles
    Executive steps into CEO role realizing that there is no planning for his successor.
  • Maria Eitel, President, Nike Foundation
    Executive counsels a subordinate who is self-deprecating in a presentation.
  • N.R. Narayana Murthy, CEO, Infosys
    CEO must gain the trust of the people in his company and the business community.
  • Nancy Barry, President, Women's World Banking
    Executive must coach an egocentric subordinate.
  • Karen Zaderej, Former VP, Johnson & Johnson
    Leader finds that her lackluster R&D team lacks the skills they need to perform.
  • Brian NeSmith, CEO, Blue Coat
    CEO questions an under-performing manager who blames sleeplessness caused by a young child at home.
  • Jesse Kingg, Retired Commander, U.S. Navy
    Commander must decide whether to overrule his staff's recommendation to reward a controversial colleague.
  • N.R. Narayana Murthy, CEO, Infosys
    CEO discusses how to mentor enthusiastic young people whose lack of experience can easily damage a company.
  • Toby Seay, Senior Vice President, Bechtel
    Senior Vice President gets feedback that one of his direct reports is not performing well, driving him to take action to better understand …
  • Andrew Brandt, Business Manager, Green Bay Packers - NFL
    NFL Team Manager must negotiate with Brett Favre, a talented football player, to join the Green Bay Packers.
  • Joe Martz, Program Director, Government Nuclear Weapon Programs
    Director must hire a team to accomplish ambitious task and establish new department. Should he hire for potential or favor candidates with…
  • Deanna Won, Officer, Air Force
    Leader must determine how to deal with problem employee who is disruptive to group.