• Michael Marks, Former Chairman & CEO, Flextronics
    A CEO's decision will cost him either $100 million or a major customer.
  • Jack Jacobs, Medal of Honor Recipient and Business Leader, U.S. Army, Financial Companies, and Philanthropic Organizations
    Taking on a new leadership position, an Army Officer must decide whether or not to replace a well-respected, senior leader who comes to wor…
  • Pete Thigpen, Former President, Levi Strauss USA
    Should an executive confirm or deny an inquiry about an imminent plant closure when the plant manager calls?
  • Marty Evans, Admiral and CEO, U.S Navy, Girl Scouts, and Red Cross
    Naval Officer struggles with whether or not to enforce the military policy that does not align with her personal values.
  • Deanna Won, Officer, Air Force
    Officer must determine how to proceed when supervisor makes a decision that would present a clear conflict of interest.
  • Leslye Louie, SVP, Hewlett Packard
    Merger manager learns that she is negotiating over choices that her superiors have already secretly made.
  • Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO, Acumen Fund
    CEO considers the risks of maintaining high ethical standards in a corrupt business environment.
  • Rebecca Halstead, General, U.S. Army
    Army General sets goals which guide her leadership strategy and balances the risk of losing a soldier in combat.
  • Shawn Wang, CFO, Baidu
    CFO of publicly-traded Chinese firm must contend with an employee who is taking bribes, a common practice in China.
  • Dena Braeger, Captain, U.S. Army
    Army officer considers whether or not an outstanding soldier who fails a drug test should pay the consequences.
  • N.R. Narayana Murthy, CEO, Infosys
    CEO balks when an Indian government official demands a bribe or a higher price for land he wishes to buy.
  • Geetha Rao, CEO, Silicon Valley Start-up
    CEO of a small company takes on a large company that unfairly cancels its contract.
  • Doug Williams, Team Leader, Colgate/Palmolive
    Manager wants to fire a blue-collar employee with a history of breaking rules but meets unexpected obstacles.